Detoxify Laundry

I recently came across an article on how to make eco-friendly and non-toxic dryer sheets.  Being the gal that I am I of course had to try it out.  What you do is use some cheap cloth (I found a set of thin dish towels for like $1.25 at my local grocery store) and cut them up into fourths.  You then mix up a 1/2 a cup of vinegar (a natural softener) and 8-10 drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend.  I used Young Living’s Christmas Spirit essential oil blend for this round because I am currently obsessed with it.  Give it a little shake and pour it over your towels.  When you are ready to use them take out one and squeeze out the extra liquid and throw in the dryer.  Once the dryer is one just add that cloth back into the stack and it’s ready to be used again.  I love not having any waste!  Are you a dryer sheets kinda family or do you have your own eco-friendly tricks?


Chemical Free Bug Spray

I live in Minnesota, to me this is the misquito capital of the world.  They are horrible here and because we have had A LOT of rain lately, they are really bad this year!  Don’t get me started on the nats!  Our family loves to be outside and often times can be found at our garden plot, by the pool, or walking around the neighborhood.  I don’t want to be swatting bugs while trying to be enjoying the outdoors!  I found myself in a dilemma…. use a chemical bug spray or make one of my own.  Now this recipe isn’t mine.  Through searching the internet and doing some combining of other recipes I have found this one works well for me and my family.  I only use Young Living essential oils as I have found them to be the highest quality.  If you use another kind of essential oil it may not work quite like this one does.   Continue reading