New Territory

Well I am on a new journey in my healthy path.  I have decided along with my sister to try the Low FODmap diet.  I personally hate the word diet and let’s think for eating plan.  You might be asking yourself what in the heck is a FODmap.  Well let me explain:

The Low FODMAP Diet
(FODMAP=Fermentable Oligo-Di-Monosaccharides and Polyols)
FODMAPs are carbohydrates (sugars) that are found in foods. Not all carbohydrates are considered FODMAPs.
The FODMAPs in the diet are:
Fructose (fruits, honey, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), etc)
Lactose (dairy)
Fructans (wheat, garlic, onion, inulin etc)
Galactans (legumes such as beans, lentils, soybeans, etc)
Polyols (sweeteners containing isomalt, mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, stone fruits such as avocado, apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, etc)

FODMAPs are osmotic (means they pull water into the intestinal tract), may not be digested or absorbed well and could be fermented upon by bacteria in the intestinal
tract when eaten in excess symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating and/or cramping may occur in those who could be sensitive to the effects of FODMAPs. A low FODMAP diet may help reduce symptoms, which will limit foods high in fructose, lactose, fructans, galactans and polyols.  The low FODMAP diet is often used in those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The diet could be possibly used in those with similar symptoms arising from other digestive disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease.

I have always had a hard time digesting what I eat and I am no stranger to the delights of the bathroom (roll eyes).  I have had diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, really you name it I have experienced it at some point in my life.  This diet is meant to be done for about 8 weeks strictly.  This eliminates all high FODmap’s from the diet and allowing the gut to heal.  Then very slowly you start adding the higher FODmap’s in and see what really triggers symptoms and what doesn’t.  There was an article awhile back that said there was no such thing as gluten intollerance but that it was these FODmap’s that are causing the problem.  So we are going to see.  I am going to give it 8 weeks and we’ll see what I can really eat and what I can’t.

Today is day 1 and really it’s not too bad.  There are a lot of items on the list you can’t eat but the list that you can eat is long too.  It just takes some adjustment.  I mean come on look at this deliciousness I got to consume today!

Low FODmapWk1 Day 1Breakfast consisted of yummy vegan overnight oats topped with raw pepitas, strawberries, almond butter, and maple syrup.  Snacks were juicy clementines… so yummy!  Lunch was good ole Vegan Shakeology and dinner was chicken and veggie quinoa bowl.  Oh and let’s not forget dessert!  Vegan, gluten free, burnt sugar ice “cream” oh my was it wonderful!


Frozen Chocolate Chai Tea


1 Scoop Vegan Chocolate Shakeology

1 Cup Ice Cubes

1/2 Cup Vanilla Coconut Milk (feel free to sub any non-dairy milk)

3/4 Cup Chai Tea Concentrate

Blend everything in a blender until thick and smooth, enjoy!

Recipe: Orange Chia Seed Pancakes

I love pancakes for a few reasons the top one being they are super easy to make.  I love to make a large batch and put the extra in the freezer for the rest of the week.  They are also easy to make your own.  Changing flavors is fun like throwing in blueberries, chocolate chips, or strawberries.  For me I have been working on trying to make a yummy vegan gluten-free pancake and found a great resource at  I’ve adapted her recipe a bit to make these pancakes and I warn you they are very yummy so sticking with only two, three okay four of them is tough.


Orange Chia Seed Pancakes
Gluten Free, Vegan

Makes approx 15 3.5″ pancakes

1 1/4 Cup AP Gluten Free Flour
1 T Chia Seeds
2 T Brown Rice Syrup
2t Baking Powder
2t Ground Cinnamon
1t Vanilla Extract
1/4t Salt
1/4 Cup Applesauce or Oil
1/2 Cup Orange Juice
1/2 Cup Non-Dairy Milk (I used vanilla flax)

1. Mix everything together in a bowl (you could do it the right way with liquids in one and dry in another but I say just go for it, less dishes too)

2. Cook on a griddle or pan on med. high heat

3. Enjoy

Super easy, super yummy, and super cheap!  What do you like to top your pancakes with?