Typing during nap time

You know you are a mommy when you plan out how much you hope to accomplish during nap times.  My list is always longer then what M will allow but it’s there.  Usually on there is working out, showering, brushing teeth, picking up the house, starting laundry, putting away dishes, etc.  Somehow updating my blog has never made it on this list.  I have warned you before that I am a bad blogger.  You can see that it’s been a month since my last post!  I am really working on getting better and to be able to blog at least 1 time per week.

I think writing things down is essential to our health and well being.  Journaling or blogging can be a way to get out things that are bottling up inside.  They can help you step away from a situation so that you can see it from another angle.  They are essential when you do not feel there is someone else to talk to.  I do really recommend doing some writing in some way at least once a week.  As I said I am working on this myself.  As a mommy it is so easy to put everything into your family and little ones and forget about yourself.  We see it as a badge of honor but in reality I think it can actually hurt us.  We need time to ourselves.  To be able to step away from everything, even if it is for 30 minutes.  The sad things is we feel so darn guilty when we do.  So if you can’t get physically way then journaling can be it.

My life has changed a bit since the last time I wrote anything down.  I went from being a stay at home mommy to a working woman again.  I am so lucky that they have worked with me so that I work once my hubby gets home and only part time.  This way M doesn’t need to go to daycare and gets individual attention from both of us.  I can tell you I never expected to feel so guilty being away from him.  I really am not missing much since I work nights and my hubby can handle dinner, getting into jammies, reading to him and putting him to bed.  But I can tell you that I completely miss not being able to be a part of that 5 days out of the week.

I do love being able to chat with adults again, and getting away for 4-6 hours is nice when things get stressful.  The funny part is I hate working nights.  I am more of a morning person naturally but you do what you have to when it comes to being there for your kiddos.  Do I plan on working out of the home forever?  I can’t say right now as I do not know what they future will hold for me.  I don’t mind being away but I would rather only have to work 1-3 days a week out of the home and the rest at home.

This is where the beauty of Beachbody and Young Living come in.  They are supplementing my income in a way that this can be a reality for me in the near future.  I love that even though it is hard to do and yet another thing in my schedule.  It is completely rewarding and helping me get to where we want to be.  And with that I will end this so that I might be able to go to the bathroom with the door shut since little man is still sleeping.  Ah, the life as a parent.

In health and wellness,



Differences and Challenges

I am a true believer that we are our own worst enemy’s, especially when it comes to weight loss and getting healthy.  It is so hard to see the small changes that happen week to week and if that scale isn’t moving we sometimes feel like a failure.  I am proof that even small changes will equal to big and long lasting changes in the end!  I am just into day 2 of week 3 of Hip Hop Abs.  One of the best things I decided to do was take progress pictures from week to week.  This really helps you step back from yourself and see the small changes happening.
HHA week 3I mean I don’t feel like I have changed much, but when I look at these photos next to each other I am proud of the progress I have made!  I have had a few people ask what my secrets are to staying on track and accountable.  There are two things really that have helped me tremendously.

  1. Drinking Shakeology:  This meal replacement drink has been my savior really.  I am a busy mama who has a 4 month old that is going through a don’t put me down and I don’t really want to nap phase.  This was leading me to either miss meals or just grab something convenient (which was usually tortilla chips).  Now I am getting tons of nutrients and vitamins in a simple shake.  I have been replacing 1 meal a day since I started Hip Hop with shakeology and some days even 2 meals a day.
  2. Becoming a Beachbody Coach:  To be a coach you do not have to have a degree, perfect body, or be a personal trainer.  Instead you just have to be a person who is working on themselves, believe in the Beachbody products, and want to help others do the same.  I do have a certificate in health coaching, but since adding Beachbody coaching to my practice I have been so much better at keeping myself healthy.  The reason is because I post everything I am doing on lots of social media sites.  If I were to skip a day I know I have people who would be wondering what is going on.  This has helped me workout on those days I would rather sit on the couch.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities (workouts, shakeology, or coaching) do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Now on to the challenge.  Since I am seeing such awesome results at getting rid of the excess baby weight and toning my body back up I wanted to help support others wanting to do the same.  I am hosting a Fit Mama Challenge through Facebook and couldn’t be more excited. As of right now only have 9 spots left in my challenge!!!  Here is the flyer:

Fit Mama Challenge T



If you are interested at entering my challenge group please contact me ASAP so that we can get you in.  You can contact me either through here or my email: oneleafwellness@gmail.com


A Difference A Week Makes

Since having my son I have been working on losing the excess weight I gained with him.  I also want to tone my body back up so I can be one hot mama.  Just kidding, not really.  Right before I got pregnant I was at my goal weight, feeling great, and healthy.  While I am still healthy, this body is just not the same.  I didn’t expect it to be, but I do want to be fit again.  I want my son to grow up knowing that physical fitness is just as important as emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness.  It doesn’t mean you need to be skinny or a certain size but at a place where you feel good and your body is working in a healthy way.

I used to be the queen of get started and fizzle out when it came to working out.  I hate going to the gym, I hate running (though I always try to like it a couple times a year), and I don’t want to spend hours doing a video.  I decided to try Hip Hop Abs which is a Beachbody program developed by Shaun T (also developed Insanity and T25).  I had done Insanity in the past and liked it and thought this dance your way to fit would be a great way to get back in the game.  It’s a 30 day program and I thought to myself I can do this.  I won’t fizzle out like I had in the past.  I now had to be accountable as others were watching my journey via social media and I wanted to inspire others who may be in a situation like me to get back in the game.

I can tell you, it’s not easy finding work out time while having an almost 4 month old who always wants your attention.  Thanks to the support of my husband we are finding time to work out.  Right now my hubby works out first, he’s currently doing T25 and once he’s done and showered he buts M to bed while I get my workout in and shower.  It’s been working well for us so far.  The other way I could do it is when M is taking a nap but currently he’s on a napping strike so I don’t think I’d get a whole one in.  The other thing I have been doing is having my Shakeology shake every day.  Both my hubby and I use it to replace 1 meal a day.  It’s been great when I don’t have time to make something cause of a clingy baby.

So how much a difference can only 1 week make?  A visible one.

 week 1


Life With A Baby


Life for me has changed dramatically since little M has entered the world.  I knew life would change but you can’t really prepare for how much when you really don’t know.  I mean I should get a gold star for the few times baby M let’s me go to the bathroom without screaming at me!  I also a new stay at home mom and I can tell you it’s one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs I have ever had!  With all these changes I am slowly learning how to take care of me.  Yes first time moms to be you need to relearn how to take care of yourself and not feel guilty about it.  What that means is it’s time for me to get back into shape, start brushing my hair, and just maybe putting on real clothes and not sweats all day.


I recently became a BeachBody Coach not only to make my family some money but to start working out.  In the past I have loved all their products and I know how well they work.  I recently signed up with a challenge pack which is a workout series plus shakeology.  I was skeptical of shakeology but after doing a lot of research and talking with others I have found it to be an awesome tool in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  My goal is to lose the last 20 pounds I gained with my son.  I gained over 40 total but the first 20 pretty much fell off.  I also want to tone up my body, since it has become one jiggly mess.


I am also working more on my business.  I am a holistic health coach that prior to M being born was working on setting up so that I could do it from home.  This is another reason why I am excited about BeachBody.  It is going to be a great addition to helping others through their wellness journey.  So this Mamma is putting her going out in public pants and starting to figure out this whole working at home, having a baby, and living life.