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10366328_10100237586114170_7795224833935162813_nMy name is Amber and I am a certified Holistic Health Coach that is on her own journey to getting happy and healthy.  I wasn’t always into food and fitness.  I would say I went through most of my life blissfully unaware on how those two things can really effect all aspects of life.  It wasn’t until I had two miscarriages six months apart from each other that the light bulb turned on.  I was told that I was a healthy person and that miscarriages were normal, but something in the back of my mind said that maybe there was something else to it.  That is what got me started on my journey to healing myself through diet, exercise, and meditation.

I can tell you, along that journey I have tried every diet out there.  Every quick fix that was promised to be life altering.  I found out the hard way that those things do not work.  They are a waste of money and you are worth so much more then a quick fix.  I slowly found out that for me a gluten free high plant-based diet rich in raw foods with minimal if any animal protein made me feel the healthiest.  I found out that as much as I hate exercising it really does make you feel better and as bad as I am at meditation, taking quiet time to reflect is essential.

This lead me on another journey to be able to help others along their own journey so that they didn’t have to do it through trial and error like I did.  To be able to support them through the thick and thin.  I found myself getting a certificate of health coaching from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and learning over 200 dietary theories.  I learned about bioindividuality which means one person’s diet may work for them but not another.  I also learned that we need to pay attention to not only food nutrition but how we feed our minds and soul.  I became a Beachbody coach to help provide others a healthier way to work on our physical selves.  I am also a Young Living distributors because essential oils can be amazing things to help us heal in all areas of our lives as well as help us get the toxins out of our lives.

I provide one-on-one as well as group coaching for those wanting the support and help of someone who has been there.  I love helping people achieve their goals, no matter what it is.  I love showing them that I am on my own journey and not perfect.  I am in the process of losing the weight I gained with my son.  I feel proud sharing my journey of getting back to where I need to be.  If you are someone who wants to get on their own journey of getting healthier or are on your journey but want some support please do not hesitate to contact me!



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