It’s Time

I’m just like you. Even though I’m a health coach, even though I help connect people with Beachbody programs, and even though I am advocate for health and wellness, I am just like you. I have days, weeks, even months where I put my health last. I find myself not eating healthy, eating more convenient and in turn stopping exercising. After I had my son I found that I had weighed just under a 165 pounds.  My last weekend with him right before I had him was 174. Now I’m only 5 foot 2 so this is a this is quite a bit of weight to hold on my frame. After 3 months has passed I committed to getting back into a healthier frame of mind and body. I started my journey with hip hop abs and lost quite a bit of weight. I really only had to lose maybe 15 to 20 pounds before I was at my goal weight. I kept working out and I kept eating healthy and I was seeing some amazing changes, feeling better, and having more energy. But just like you there are times when things get tough, when we get busy, and when we focus on other things other than ourselves. It’s time to start focusing back on me. Now Mama’s I know how hard it is to spend any amount of time on ourselves. I know how we feel guilty maybe even selfish when we decide to take some time away from our family and focus on our own health and wellness. But Mama’s, we are the ones that need to take time for ourselves. It is not selfish, because without us our family cannot function unless we are healthy and happy.

So starting today I am recommending to 21 day fix. This is one of my favorite programs and it is one that I point people to when they need help getting back on track. It has everything that you need to get to where you need to be. Not only does it focus on exercise, but it also focuses on nutrition and portion control. This is something we can all use a refresher course on. Now I’ve had some people tell me that they believe they’re going to starve on this plan. They take one look at those containers and think “I’m going to be hungry all the time.” Those who have done the plan will look at you, smile, and laugh because they know how much food you are really going to eat. I know for me, especially in the beginning, I have a hard time eating all the food on the plan. So day one starts today and while this first week I am going to fully focus on diet, starting next week I am going to bring in the exercise. I’m extending this program to a four week program so that I can make it work for me. So here’s to all the mommas taking some time for themselves to making them happier, healthier people.


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